Saturday 7th. of november and around 35º C in Seville; with such a good weather, I had no other option but to take my camera and make up something, and this is exactly what I made.

I knew Clara and Lucila were in Seville for the weekend and I thought that they might be interested in making a shooting for me (they both are 17 years old and they “need” a looooootttt of photos for their instagram account), and as I imagined, they couldn´t denied my invitation, in spite of their Thursday biology exam.

We decided to go to one of the Guadalquivir riverside, as it is plenty of colorful graffitis art to play around with the lightroom by changing the wall colors (Mac program very similar to Photoshop). We arrived at 6 p.m., hurried up as the light was about to leave but still, the light was completely orange perfect for some portraits.

I told them to came without any make up,just a white t-shirt and jeans as I was bringing coats, handbags, scarfs… that they may wanted to use.I think they enjoyed the session same as I did.

Here I attach you only some pictures of the shooting day, (I don’t want to bore you), with the details of each one:



(Nikon D3X, ISO 200, 50 mm. f. 2´0 1/200 seg.)
As you can see in the girls hair, the night was falling. I hate winter, when the days seem to be finished before 7:00 p.m.

Graffitis-12(Nikon D3X, ISO 200, 50 mm. f´2´0 1/100 seg.)
Lucila, with such a nice skin, no lightroom retouching was required!!!

Graffitis-19(Nikon D300s, ISO 800, 50 mm. f`4´0 1/50 seg.)
In the case of Clara, I definitely had a crush with her hair!! The problem was that, as the sun was already gone, it forced me to raise the ISO (a classification of film speed in which a doubling of the ISO number represents a doubling in sensibility). Nevertheless, the 50 mm. took plenty of light as if the lens finish off with all the day light. I think it is my new bestie.

Graffitis-16(Nikon D300s, ISO 800, 50 mm. f.4´0 1/200 seg.)